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In our busy world today, mobile devices such as laptops, memory keys, and external
hard drives have become the standard for business travelers, students, and many home
users.  According to a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll, one in five people brought
their laptop with them on a recent vacation.  These mobile devices provide a home to
invaluable data that most people seem to be unable to live without yet according to a
recent report by Symantec, only 42 percent of companies perform automatic backups
of data on the mobile devices of their employees.  Many users either do not have time
or they lack knowledge and resources to adequately back up their data.  This can be
very risky because mobile devices are especially prone to failure because of the wear
and tear they endure.  At ReWave, we see many cases in which laptops are dropped
accidentally by the user during transport.  We also frequently see laptops and other
mobile devices accidentally damaged by the user spilling liquid on them. 


Fortunately, there are a few simple steps users can take to prevent the loss of data
on mobile devices. 

bulletFirst and foremost, it is extremely important to frequently back up your entire
hard drive before transporting it.  The backup should be stored in a secure
location which is preferably a different location than the laptop itself. 
bulletSecond, it is important to turn off the laptop while transporting it.  When a computer remains on, the hard disk drive is in the active state meaning the read/write arm is
floating above the disk platter ready to access the data.  If an accident occurs during
this activity, it can cause the heads on the arm to crash onto the surface of the platter
causing a loss of data.  When turned off, the arm parks in the safe zone to ensure the
disk platters are protected from damage.
bulletFinally, handle your mobile devices very carefully.  Laptop computers should
be transported in a padded case or backpack.  When traveling in a vehicle, it
is important to store the laptop in a secure location.  If you have frequent
backups of your data, then data can be restored from these backups in the
event of a laptop hard drive failure. 

If you have no backup, it is important to contact ReWave as soon as possible for a
free evaluation to determine the problem and cost for data recovery.  ReWave knows
how important your data is to you.  We offer competitive pricing for logical and physical recovery and a no data-no fee guarantee.  Our engineers are available 24/7 to assist
you with your lost data.  Contact ReWave at 866-739-2835 for a free data recovery evaluation.

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