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The spring season is in bloom. For most, it represents a time of warmer temperatures
and relaxation. But unfortunately, it can also mean strong storms including lightning strikes. As these storms are now appearing on a more frequent basis, is your computer system protected? A power surge can cause a computer system to crash and can also cause data loss by causing the read/write heads to malfunction. It can occur as one
large surge or multiple spikes over a period of time. The following tips provide information on how you can ensure your system does not fall victim to a power surge.

Power Down and Unplug The System During Bad Weather

This is a tip that most users disregard, but powering down and unplugging the computer system during bad weather is the best way to safeguard against a power surge. For
those operating servers, this may not be an option. For those who fall into this category, continue reading below. But for most home users, powering down and unplugging is certainly an option that can be followed.

Use a High Quality Surge Protector

During a power surge or spike, there is excess voltage in the electrical lines above that which is normal. A high quality surge protector can absorb the excess voltage preventing it from damaging your system. It is important to do your homework before you purchase
a surge protector. You should compare the ratings and ensure you are getting a good quality surge protector. It is also important to remember that while a surge protector helps, it is not a guarantee against a direct lightning strike. Powering down and unplugging the system is the sure way to protect against lightning strikes.

Consider Using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

A UPS can protect your system from damaging power surges by allowing your system
to remain running after a power outage. A built-in battery inside the UPS unit allows it to accomplish this. This enables users to save their files and shutdown the software properly. Many high quality UPS units have the capacity to automatically power down the computer system and save any data that was work in progress.

Contact a Hard Drive Recovery Company If Your System Has Suffered a Power Surge

If the data on the hard drive is worth preserving, you can contact a hard drive recovery company to recover the data. A power surge can cause the read/write heads to malfunction or cause a head crash. Continuing to operate the drive can cause damage
to the platters- which can in turn cause permanent data loss. A data recovery lab can replace the internal parts of the hard disk and retrieve the existing data.

As the winds blow and the lightning strikes, it is important to know if your system is protected. A power surge can be devastating to your computer system and hard drive.
By following the tips above, you can ensure that your computer system and data remain safe.

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