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A method of data storage that has become increasingly popular is the use of external
hard drives. Home computer users today have more data than ever, and many find that
the storage capacity of their computer's hard drive is not sufficient. As the usage of external hard drives increases, there is also a rise in the number of external hard drive failures. Listed below are various physical problems that cause external hard drive failure:

Accidentally Dropped the External Hard Drive

There have been many cases where the external drive has been accidentally dropped
by the user. Many of these hard drives are designed to sit upright on a flat surface.
This can cause the drive to be susceptible to tipping over. The easiest way to prevent
this from happening is to allow the external hard drive to lay flat instead of upright.
This can prevent tipping. Otherwise, you should place the drive in a safe location away from the edges of a surface.

Twisted Electrical Cords and Cables

Many times, twisted cords and cables can cause an external hard drive to be pulled
off a surface onto the floor. It is always important to make sure cords and cables are
not twisted and are a sufficient length to reach from the computer to an electrical outlet.

Using the Wrong Power Cord

If you have several different power cords in the vicinity of your external hard drive, it is important to make sure you are using the correct power cord with your hard drive.
There have been many instances where a user has plugged a different power cord into their external hard drive causing a power surge which will overheat the hard drive.

Power Surges from Lightning Strikes

It is important to always power down and unplug your external hard drive during a
lightning storm. A power surge from lightning strikes can cause external hard drive failure by overheating the hard drive.

Contact a Data Recovery Company If You Have Experienced External Hard
Drive Failure

If the data on the hard drive is worth preserving, you can contact a data recovery company to recover the data. A data recovery lab can repair or replace the damaged internal parts
of the hard disk and retrieve any existing data.

External hard drives are a popular method of data storage. By following the tips above,
you can protect your external hard drive and ensure that your data remains safe.

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